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aww yeah it's that time of year again!

You guys are so supportive and I love each and every one of you. Yes even you with your weird foot fetish art. My beautiful freak. <3

So to show my appreciation, much like last year, I'm taking requests for free. However unlike last year I will not be doing every single one- nor will they all be sketchy headshots. In fact some may be a full fledged illustration, bust, headshot, sketch, or nothing at all! SUCH A GAMBLE.

I'll only be doing characters that peak my interest. So yeah just think of it as random hehe. (Though I'm fond of girls, knights, and anything that can glow obnoxiously hinthinthint)

These will be done randomly so check back frequently on my DA/DoodleTumblr to see if yours got chosen <:

-Info to apply-

Please leave a comment in this journal only (no notes) I can hide comments if desired. leave any information/refs you think I need, even ideas for pictures! Not guaranteed ofc. But yeah need those refs please, even a typed description will do~

You have to be a watcher prior to this journal

You can make unlimited requests

You can make requests for others

You can even request other things. Like for example fan art of some random foot fetish character you are into (note: I'm not doing fetish art sry)

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Worgenism Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Wow, you've improved a lot.

Having a better version than my own of… would be fantastic.
Thanks for the art, it's inspiring!
PuddingPack Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
aww beautiful art! You weren't a watcher before the journal though sorry <3
Worgenism Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Should have discovered you sooner, and thank you! ^^
SoftlyVoiced Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014   Digital Artist
I feel like such a scrooge for writing this so late on oh my goodness but I felt so bad cause you'd done a RQ for me in the past and I didn't want to be greedy and felt like a goober but hgggn if it isn't too late… either of these two would be fabulous (together or just like one or the other i really don't mind, if anything Rafaiel on his own would be seriously swell)

More refs (there's so little of Raf it makes me cry):………

Eeek thank you anyway I am already loving what's come out of these so far though. Open your commissions already woman ;_; *grabby hands*
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Fieryone Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Psssssssst, psssssssssssst remember that commission I had you do? For Harpin? My request would be do up his Worgen form, just a bust or something nothing major. :3

Eyes all glowing from moon light or something, just cause. :3
Lussy101 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
I would like something unique, and quite a surprise. A dear friend of mine. Rev's Death Knight and my Priest have been dear friends for a long time. Not only that but this man has provided a steady rock, and respectable balance in my life. I would like to make a request of my priest and his death knight. If that would be good? It would mean the world to me to surprise him with it. After all, one that loves their friends spoils them eh? (wink) xD.

Here's the Info Dear:…

  - Her hair is long, curly, and crimson naturally. I would like the helm, but more open so that her hair flows out of it. (Note: You can be creative with this <3 )

  - Her pose? Perhaps being held by his Death knight.…

  - No helm please. (He's awfully serious.)

 ---- Anyway, dear. That is my request. I hope you can make time to work on it.


Lussy <3
FokkerBoombass Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
Ooookay I guess it couldn't hurt me to try to interest you with another request. This would be of my Blood Elf girl, Xaratha.
No references on her, as I don't have any pictures of her whatsoever :(
She's a pretty much average Sin'dorei. Not very tall. well built, (almost atlethic, not strong but certainly agile and of large endurance), her skin is a bit darker than what most blood elves usually show. However, it may be difficult to tell her actual skin tone, because her body is almost fully covered with complicated tattoos, spinning and overlapping with each other. Some people who managed to get a closer look on them had found that they actually conceal horrible scars - a grim reminder of Xaratha's past, as she was abused and pretty much treated like a slave by her own parents. Only her face is free of these tattoos - but then, it is also heavily scarred. These are actually combat scars she earned during her early days as a recruit in the army of Quel'thalas. She has long, black hair, usually not tied and all messy. She doesn't care about the way she looks. Her simple clothes are usually dirty, her boots caked with mud and grass. Her armor is as simple as it can get, being a compromise between protection and comfort (leaning more towards the latter, though). She uses a one-handed sword. Still in training, Xaratha is aiming to combine both melee combat and magic to become a highly versatile soldier. She has a thing for fire magic. Xaratha may be often seen training with her sword in one hand, and a ball of fire in the other.
Her past made her what she is today - a quiet, cold-mannered person who never smiles. Her aim is to gain power and become someone recognized, so that she could one day visit her hated family and prove them wrong, as they would always say that she'd never achieve anything in her life.
I would be SUPER DOOPER GRATEFUL if you could draw her, as I don't have any pictures that represent her well. If you're interested with her story, just send me a note and I'll try to write it down for you ^^
Valisma Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey hey master of Art!
I just want to say that something orcish would be cool too!
Like her…

Its Valisma, my Orc Warrior. She is part of the Donneraxt Clan and has the rank of a scout.
She loves to "sand" ? (dont know if its the right word) juwelery and stones :3
So as example she made a little axe of stone for her tutor Rogh :)
Mindina Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Hellos! I recently started watching you, but I honestly can't remember if I started watching you before or after this note, so I'm sorry for bugging you if that isn't the case. I just love your urts and would love to have the chance to have a piece. :3 If I started watching you after you posted this, then ignore everything below! 

If you could do my night elf, that would be LOVELY. :D

That's a super old picture of her. It's honestly a pretty bad reference, but her hair's pretty much the same as it is in that picture. Just with longer bangs (almost covering her eyes/face) and her hair is all navy now (besides a few white streaks in the small braids). The facial markings are the "wings" ones in game, not the ones you see in the picture. 

She's a druid. Not sure if that helps... She usually wears leathers when traveling, colourful cloth when in the city. As far as stance/expression, do whatever you want!  
Anteal Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Professional Photographer
I'm going to be cheeky and . I'll reciprocate by posting two of my more stories up onto DA ;) One of Sarin in all of his villainous delight, and a new character of mine. I know that you're a bit of a fan of amateur fiction.

There's a little bit of flavour that I added to Sarin'teal midway through my RP of him; the Thondroril family are from southern portions of Quel'thalas, and having such close proximity to Lordaeron beyond, I like to have the old elf have some human rustic charm intermingling with his more higher refine taste that comes with being so high born. For example, in his house he has a hearth - quite abnormal for an elf - that burns blue in the day, emitting a cool breeze, and shifting to a much more typical orange during the evenings. Sarin'teal iterates, he accepts that the "lesser races" have some cozy ideas, and as an elf he feels that it's his right to adopt and improve these little elements.

What I've always wanted is something depicting Sarin's downtime. Nothing too detailed or complex, but seeing the elf outside of his armour and reclining in an environment that chills him out -- like the "Blue Light Lounge" he keeps. Seeing your latest lineart, I would love to have something like that of him done with a glass of wine or an elven hookah at hand. Maybe even a book or data crystal.

My second request, although it's more of an addition to the original, would be to have Sarin'teal's companion with him, who you also know of. This may seem like a tangent, but one particular tradition I enjoy when considering the Thondroril family, is the typical pride elves show in their hare. They're like a hawkstriders plume or the mane of a lynx; if it's kept in good shape then that elf, by associate, is also in "good shape". With the importance of hair in mind, I like to believe that allowing another elf's hands touch and work with it, is a sign of great trust and respect. As a result, when Thondroril's choose their beloved and/or life companions, they tie a binding braid in their hair, signifying the overlapping of lives and such.

To cut to the beef, I want something intimate like this for Sarin; I've got enough images of him smiling in his armour and posing for the camera, but what I'd love most - and what I've wanted most for some time - is a scene depicting this hair-braiding. Of Sarin and Taeleith just relaxing with wine, magic, pillows and a pipe, the latter braiding and grooming the formers hair.

There you go! You wanted to be interested, so I tried my best ;) and that's the first time I've typed out that whole hair-braiding idea of mine somewhere public, so feel special and whatnot.

As for references, I like to think you know them both by now, but you do so much work I'll compile a few pieces below for you to take a look at, including the earliest one of Sarin where I tried to show him as a high elf:

Request made!
Anteal Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Professional Photographer
I'm going to be cheeky and make a wooing request.*
KarrahE Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
How do you feel about human male knights who are very stern and also albino? :D My friend has this char… who is very grimdark and awesome. He looks rather like Nuada from Hellboy with the lean build and long, white hair. Needs red eyes though!… Eternally griiiiim. >: / He favours dark armour and has some raven motifs on it and his sword hilt.
Silverr-x Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
so many comments x_x aaa if you're up for it, i'd love for you to draw my monk or my druid ;w;
Here's my monk:… (Bubbly, happy fella)
Here's my druid:… (Calm, loving missy)
Or if you want something with a lot of glows, there's always my hunter uwu But he's got a lot going on aha ;w;
Here he is:… (his shoulders and stuff are super glowy and whatnot in roleplay uwu he also has super piercing/bright green eyes, he's a big grumpy butt who hates everything)
Here's another reference without his helmet:…
And another:…

also aa idk if you'll see this bc so many comments, but will you ever be up for doing art trades again? ;u; I assume you'd make a journal if so?
Thanks!! :>
ArielTheSeaGoddess Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would love it if you did a request of my night elf hunter, Charlet ( soon to have name change ;-; )

Here is 2 pictures of her..…

I don't really have much personality for her, since shes a hunter I obviously wanted her to be more close and loving with pets and stuff.. :P
If you're up for drawing a pet with her, her spirit beast Harry (used to be Skoll) would be best <3…
TORTOLES Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh, how about Wrathion and/or Anduin? :D
RayaHinato Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A chance to have art done by you is simply too tempting to pass up. I think my request will be my Shadow Priest Celestiae. Feel free to go crazy with your glow-love on those shadow powers. XD
Cel is die-hard Horde soldier who recently struggled with whether or not to leave the military thanks to Garrosh's actions. This once Alliance hater has slowly come trust and even love a few of the once enemy ranks, a big feat considering she blamed them for the death of her family.

I did this Character ref bio on her complete with ref pic.

In case you need to see Ref art better here ya go.
zarabethedraws Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I LOVE your work  so of course I'll leave a request :D.  My character Zarabethe, the OCD neurotic archeologist hunter who is so obsessed with the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest that even when she finds herself pregnant she refuses to give it up.  She has long dark purple hair in braids with side bangs, and a sabre named Spook that is spotted.  She shoots a bow only, has a quiver, green fletched arrows, and typically wears a leather jerkin, leather vambraces, linen shirt, pants, boots, 2 side daggers and 1 in her boot.  She never goes anywhere without the Satchel, which contains the quest items for the Scepter.  I don't have any pics because I've never asked anyone to draw her before and my drawings suck terribly.  I do not art :(.

Zarabethe's story:  (latest chapter with link to first in description)…
her armory page (armor does not reflect current RP story)…

CamillusCactus Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooooh heck! I can't resist requesting two more couples, forgive me X_x
The first one up is Keeleath and Solathie, two Dwarves. Keel is a proud paladin tank, enjoying good beer, good fights and of course his beloved tiny woman. Solathie is a noble mage with a fiery temper, don't mess with her or she'll scorch your soul!………

The second one up is Umara, draenei mage, passionate bookworm and a dreamer. Belodir is a toughen up and yet romantic night elf hunter, roaming around the forests. Together they are a swift team and eternal soul mates.………
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NydraonWoW Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
.. So I maybe have a Nord "Barbarian" named Rose (which she may or may not like) who was exiled for the use of blood magic (She also enjoys excessive use of the wall of storms spell and is veryyyy skilled with a blade) She's very brutish, unrefined, impatient, and is overall intimidating. Aside from the whole magic issue she's pretty much your stereotypical Nord. She's generally covered in quite a bit of dirt, and her armor's beat-up. 
Pictures are uploaded here:
ValDeCreez Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't miss it!
I hope I'll get lucky))
You already saw my belf paladin Bess)) And she's my fav character ^__^
Bully, really hard tempered and likes to drunk and arrange drunken brawl))
Her armor:…
Agent-Jinx Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
=O! This is twisty. A nice twisty. ^_^ Would love to get the artistic touch of my little devilish rogue, Hellequinn, done by you! Yet, I think I would like to request artwork done of a friend's WoW OC that has been so kind to me during some hard times. His name is Jrekklun, a tauren hunter. His toon is a sweetie yet fierce hunter. It would make him smile to see his hunter all done up!
Kagomi101 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist

I'd love it if you could do it for a friend of mine.
Her character is the female blood elf…

She happens to be a mage who loves to make things spark with her magic. *winkwink* (Jkjk), but does a bunch of spells that are mage-like. C:
Frost, arcane, fire, dun matter.
Would gladly appreciate it if you could since she's been go through a hard time and everytime I try to do something I end up scrapping it because it doesn't look good enough for a friend like her. ;w;
*crosses fingers*
ho9-Ve Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist

Ah eeeeeee!

I shall join the gamble for your attention! Been wanting a piece from you since forever now, and I WILL GET ONE... Somehow... If not now then sometime! T'is my goal! ^^


Alright! I’ll then make a request that you make an adorable picture with one of those adorable babies like I’ve seen you do and just melted inside!
So, my boyfriend and I have our characters. Anthony and Julie Lask, then they have a wee son together, Brandon Lask.… <- Julie, I’ll supply you with a description of her bellow.… <- Anthony, basically everything is on this page, description etc.… <- Anthony, an up-to-date and accurate image of his clothes.… <- Anthony’s hair, basically. (Ignore the beards)

Providing a description of Julie here as my boyfriend decided not to upload one.

Julie is a woman who appears to have been out in the sun much. Her lips would be average sized, her nose straight, her eyebrows small, and a proud look upon her.
Her hair would be neatly combed, swaying with the natural color of brown, with a few patches of blonde.

Deep blue eyes.

Julie's hair is basically like it is on the in-game model.

Providing armory pages as well:……

Generally what they wear is...
Anthony likes elegant clothes, like those of a Gilnean noble.
Julie would wear a simple dress, that’s that really.

And to the babby!

Brandon is roughly one year, he looks like any baby would. Big blue eyes, his first patches of hair has just started to grow, blond soft… Barely hair. There’s not much to him really.

Apologies for the wall of text D:

(Could you hide this comment, just in case because I plan to give this to him for Christmas ^^)

Alpha-Minion Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Student General Artist
a pair of monks sparring at the temple in kun-lai. 

the pair could be master and apprentice, trainees having a match for fun, etc. (i'd try to shy away from having one be a pandaren
Hamoth Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'aaw! How sweet of you to do requests!

Should you decide to give a whale at my requests, its for dis feller!:

Ref Pics:…………

Rethomar Bloodsorrow, the Soulbender. The 'robes' you see him wearing are pulsating dark flesh, wriggling all over his form. The staff you see is his 'companion', which he is never seen without, and he speaks to it. It never speaks back visually. *wiggles eyebrows* Mask or no mask is fine! <3
FadedLightning Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I loved the comission you did of Mayryne and if you'd do another piece I'd be sooooo happy. I've had an idea in my head for a while of her in a Sin'dorei themed masquerade outfit so maybe you could do something like that, it'd be great. With her partner Altarill Sunstorm.

Or there's my newest char, Arawyyn who's a Kaldorei druid. Don't have an AA profile for her but I have a brief description. She's very traditonal style, kilt and leather harness, long green hair with feathers and braids. Claw mark tattoos on her face.

Link to May's AA Page -…
Altarill's Armoury Page -…
Arawyyn's Armoury Page -…
Reference to Altarill's Armour - Lvl 70 Brutal Gladiator's PvP Set
FadedLightning Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, had another idea for the one of Mayryne. Still the masquerade thing but maybe he could have swept her off her feet in this huge ballgown. Just another of my ideas. Hope you like it and pick it! :D
Thaeln Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
Hrm, well here is an opportunity I can't just pass off.

So, how about the young, handsome Blood Elven Knight, Thaelen.

I'll drop you a link to his Argent Archives page where you can find a text description and artwork galore!…

I'm looking forward to seeing the artwork that comes from this!
KarrahE Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
Very excited lurker is very excited by this prospect :D

I've rounded off my character story in WoW. One last picture of her and her "happy ever after" would be amazing. She looks like this… and is a shy, tiny, waifish twenty-something servant who is always anxious but quietly happy at the same time. She has embarked on an unlikely, epic solo adventure to Kalimdor try to find her true love, who looks and acts like Sawyer from Lost with a Stetson on. Mmm. He's a rogue on first appearances...and second appearances. And third. Well, anyway, she has fallen for him and him for her, and they find each other and they sail into the sunset on their newly-acquired zeppelin. :'D
KarrahE Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
Some links for reference, justincase. eeee.
Her guy, Eddie:…
Mysticalblue2 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
so art


much pretty offer

aw yis

Joke aside, Pudding! It's brilliant that you are offering to do requests!

You have already done my Alviada, and I would if you could do another one of her!…

You know her background, and I was hoping you could make more based on it! You can even make her fight with shadow or fel magic if you really want them sparkles! :D

Thanks again!
CamillusCactus Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll request either Elli and Threlei, since you've met these two love birds, or My lovely Undead Pyrelinae and her Troll lover Obyllé ;P

Feel free to draw the situation you fancy the most! I love suprises :meow:

Here's the references for Pyre and Oby (who now has red mohawk and yellow makings!)…………
CamillusCactus Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Forgot few references my Pyre And Oby, oops!……

Aaaand that's it I promise x3
MythicEl Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013   General Artist
This is incredibly kind of you to offer some free illustrations! Thank you for bringing your followers some festive cheer :heart:

I'm afraid the character I'm going to suggest isn't a girl, although he has worn dresses on the rare occasion of losing a bet... His name's Xanithar, and he's a 6ft 2 blood elf paladin (yay, glows) with ruffled blond hair, kind emerald eyes and a lopsided smile. His right ear has a chunk out of it, so the top tends to bend down. He also has a scar on his right cheek, but it's optional - I only draw it half of the time ^^; Please excuse the fact that he doesn't have proper blood elf eyebrows in some of the references, he does, I just find them awkward to draw :XD:

He tends to wear gold and silver armour, but he's part of a (good natured) gang so he also wears a full set of leather. In either outfit he's very fond of a crimson scarf which hangs loosely around his neck, but again that's optional :aww:

As for his personality he's kindhearted and endlessly loyal to his small group of friends, and polite to strangers - he does, however, have a sullen streak, and has a bad habit of snarling when he's in that mood, earning him the nickname Snarlithar. He also enjoys writing and poetry as an outlet for his feelings, just adding that as you suggested leaving ideas for pictures :)

Change by MythicEl Two Sides by MythicEl Xanithar ID - 2013 by MythicEl Hidden Thoughts by MythicEl

Thanks again even if you don't choose my character! :aww:
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